Why is Your SEO Campaign Failing?

We are sure you already know the value that a good SEO plan can deliver to your business. But the problem is that your SEO just isn’t working and constantly failing to deliver results. You are doing everything you can, but not seeing the results that you want. Where is it all going wrong? And more importantly, what can you do about it?

We’ll take you through some of the main reasons which cause SEO campaigns to fail, and then we’ll talk a little about how you can avoid them.

1. You’re doing it yourself or hired an incompetent firm:-
Who is managing your SEO? Are you doing it yourself? Is a team member doing it for you? Or have you outsourced the services? Whoever is doing it, chances are they may be doing it wrong, because they can’t give it enough time, don’t know what’s involved or lack the skills.

If you have been doing SEO yourself all this time, then maybe you should hire an SEO consultant in Sydney now. Or maybe you already take help from an SEO agency, but they are not competent enough, and use yesterday’s strategies. Keyword stuffing, guest blog posts and directory listings don’t boost ranks like they used to in the past, and may even harm your SEO today.

So, make sure that you hire the right SEO consultants in Sydney, because only then will it be effective. Discuss your plans with your firm, and see what they advise you to boost your ranks. Ask for references, and if they are willing to share details, then they are a good choice. If a firm doesn’t clearly describe what they’d do to improve SEO or doesn’t give any reference, you shouldn’t be hiring them.

2. Your goals are not realistic:-
You should know which goals can be achieved and which cannot. Yes, you would want your store to rank number one for ‘women dresses’, but that will not happen instantly. Companies ruling the search engine ranks have spent years and invested thousands of dollars to get there, and you are going to have a hard time if you try to catch up with them.

So, set sensible goals for yourself, and find an SEO consultant in Sydney who can help you meet them.

They’ll help you figure out the keywords, and come up with tactics that create the maximum impact on your company’s bottom line.

3. You aren’t paying attention to social media:-
How much importance do you give to social media? Some of you may regard it as significant, whereas others would consider it to be a waste of money and time. If you are in the latter group, then you aren’t utilizing opportunities to engage with your potential consumers. While social platforms don’t directly affect SEO, they do have some kind of impact because if your account is active and optimised, it can show up in the results.
Understand which social platforms are used by your targeted audience, and then develop a presence on these platforms to engage with them.

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