If you work in-house or at an agency, why haven’t you gone the independent route?

I’ve been an independent SEO consultant since 2013 and what I’ve noticed around where I live, most digital marketing specialist are choosing a career in-house or at an agency and I was wondering, why so many chooses in-house/agency positions instead of becoming independent consultants?

I made the switch from in-house to being independent in 2013.

My main reasons for wanting to be independent were:

1) I saw so many low-hanging fruits at the company I worked, but everything moved so slowly up the commando line and there was no way for me to really make a noticeable change.

2) The salary gap between being an in-house employee vs. being an independent marketing consultant is huge.
Fun story: I actually applied for an extremely interesting (temporary) in-house position a while back, but as I didn’t have a bachelor in Marketing (only 7 years of real life marketing experience compared to the graduate they chose with no real life experience but a bachelor) I was scrapped. However, they’d be happy to hire me as an independent SEO consultant to actually perform the job they just hired one to do, paying me +4X more than they would have otherwise done, had they just hired me in the first place.

3) I wanted to be the master of my time. Working 9-5 didn’t suit me as I had a sick wife who needed help during the day. Being able to work a few hours in the morning, and a few hours in the afternoon suited me a lot better.

4) I wanted to live the “digital nomad lifestyle” and back when I started, remote positions weren’t as big of a thing as it is now, so being independent was kind of the only choice I had.

If you’re in-house or at an agency, what do you think about working as an independent consultant?

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