How do you market your digital marketing services?

I’m in the search marketing biz and I’m looking for new clients. I have a few networking events lined up but in the meantime I want to be actively looking for work/promoting services. I have a budget of roughly £200 per month and I’m not short on options of where to allocate it (if anything, I have too many options), but I’d appreciate some advice from those who have been where I am right now.

**My current process – cold outreach**

I’ll do a night of prospecting and identify websites where I can deliver value, reach out to highlight the problem and offer an absolute steal to get the ball rolling but very few people ever get back to me (no shit, I’m a complete stranger asking for money).

I receive these kinds of emails all the time so I’ve tried a few different approaches including getting together in person to discuss, Skype, leaving out the price, linking to relevant content… But I can’t help but think I’m wasting my time with my email based approach.

I thought it could be an issue with the quantity of emails I send out and I’m considering using Pitchbox for a month which will let me send up to 3000.

I’m reluctantly spending money when I know I should, I just don’t know the best place to put it.

What are some things that have/haven’t worked for you?

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