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Radio broadcasting is a mode of transmission of radio programs through radio waves or audio signals and intended to reach a wide audience. All the radio stations are linked to radio networks to broadcast a common radio format. Another type of radio broadcasting is terrestrial radio broadcasting that includes cable radio, local wire television networks, satellite radio and internet radio.

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Best tools to research Youtube keywords?

Hey guys.

Sorry for the noob question, but what keyword tools do you suggest for researching yt keywords? Preferably free if they are good.

I’ve done some searches on google and yt but they all come up with paid tools which I’m not sure are that good anyway. I’ve seen one which is free but I’m not sure about it.

Oh and another question…what exactly does the ”competition” number displayed mean? I don’t understand it. I see keywords with hundreds of thousands of searches per month have a similar competition rating to some bad keywords with 10 monthly searches. I don’t get it. What exactly does that number mean?

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