Top 10 countdown of the most important things to write a good article to promote your home business

How Long Does It Take To Create Successful Home Business?

Tell me if this doesn’t sound familiar. You’re told that if you work from home, you can make a good living and finally say goodbye to your boss. So you take the advice and plug away at your home business. Months go by and you’re hardly making anything at all. You’re wondering when the money will come. Will it ever come? What really are the rewards for running your own business from home? Well, read this article and maybe it will inspire you.

There is no question.

 But how long DOES it take to create a successful home business?

A week, a month, a year? What’s the magic number? Is there a magic number?

If you’re looking for an answer to this question, you might want to read the rest of this article. However, you might not like the answer you get.

I guess the thing that annoying the most is this: If you were to start a business in the brick and mortar world, you’d probably have to wait two years before you got out of the red. Heck, most new businesses fold up shop long before that.

And yet, here you are, starting a home business and royally ticked off because it’s been two months and you haven’t seen a profit. Yeah, right…

Okay, here is the answer that you’re not going to like.

How long does it take to create a successful home business? As long as it takes for you to do the following:

1. Find a niche and a hungry buying market with money to spend on a solution to a problem that they’re having.

2. Find or create a product or service that solves that problem. If you can’t find one or one doesn’t exist, you either have to create it yourself or hire somebody to create it for you.

3. Develop an ad campaign that will effectively reach that target market and convey the benefits of purchasing the solution from YOU and NOT from your competitors.

4. Continue doing this on an ongoing basis, making sure that you keep up with current trends in the market and/or changes…ensuring that you stay one step ahead of your competition.

You get the point.

For some people, the above is a piece of cake. They can do it in their sleep. They’ve tapped into just the right market and have just the right product. They can write ads that make guys at Madison Avenue jealous. For others, the above is near impossible either because they don’t have the education, the money, or both.

How hard you’re willing to work and how much work you’re willing to put in will determine how successful you’ll be and how quickly that success will come.

Like I said, not the answer you wanted to hear.

Were you really surprised? I don’t think so.

Alright, let’s go further.

 You found it! A Niche!!!


Whatcha Gonna Do?

Tell the people about you!
You got to jump right in the deep end – Writing! 

But don’t worry, keep reading and you gonna be just fine.Promise!

The Top 10 List

At the end of every year, all the radio stations do their top 100 countdowns.

Don’t you just love them?

Well, I’m going to do my top 10 countdown of the most important things to writing an article.

We’re going to start with number 10 and work our way up to number 1.

At number 10 is- Flow.

image00 1

You want your article to have a steady flow from start to finish.

 For example, in this article, we’ve introduced the fact that we’re going to do a top 10 countdown and then we went and actually counted down from 10 to 1. Everything flowed naturally as it should.

Number 9 in our countdown is- Research.

Now, in the case of this article, the actual research was from my own experience from writing articles. But what if you’re not too sure about a subject? Well, in that case, you want to make sure you research it completely so you don’t end up sounding like an idiot.

You will want to use:

  • Statistics
  • Quotes by well-known people
  • Definitions
  • Anecdotes (short, illustrative stories about yourself or someone else)
  • Quotes and examples from people like the reader or from popular books on the subject
  • References to other media (film, television, radio)
  • Helpful tools, resources or products (if many, consider creating a sidebar)
  • References to local venues or events (if for a regional/local publication).

Moving on to number 8-  Varietyimage01

You don’t want your paragraphs to all start with the same word. That gets monotonous after a while. Notice how, for the first three things in this countdown, I found a different way to start each paragraph. This is very important to keep from boring your readers.

Lucky number 7- Grammar and Spelling.

I don’t believe I even have to mention this, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t check their grammar and spelling when they write an article.


This gives the impression that you’re unprofessional.

Our 6 most important thing is- Credibility.

I don’t care what it is that you’re writing about. You MUST have some credibility.

If you are just starting with all this thing evaluate the credibility of your sources!

How do you know that your sources are of value? Ask yourself the following questions:


  • Where was the source published?
  • Who wrote it?
  • Is the piece timely and appropriate for its field?
  • For whom is the source written?
  • Will you use the source as a primary or secondary text?

    We’re halfway through our countdown at number5- Resource Box.


If you’re going to write articles for the purpose of making money, you want a solid resource box at the end of it in order to get people to go to your site. If the resource box is weak, all the writing in the world, no matter how good it is, is wasted.


Taking the number 4 Position is- Syndication.

Look, I don’t care how good your article is. If nobody sees it, it doesn’t do anybody any good. So you MUST concentrate on syndication…getting your article circulated around the Internet. Submitting to article directories is a great way to do this.

 At number three, is the Summary.


People have short memories. So at the very end of the article, you want to summarize the main points so that they don’t forget what they are.

It was a real hard decision, but coming in at number 2 is the Title.


I was going to make this number 1 for a long time but have decided against it for a very good reason. When you see number one, you’ll understand. Your title has GOT to be captivating or people are not going to want to read the article…no matter HOW good it is.


Finally, we have number 1...Subject Matter.


Look, nobody cares how good the article is or how good you think your title is. If you’re writing about something that few people care about such as underwater pole vaulting( on a second opinion Allison Stokke’s Pole Vaulting Video is quite interesting, but you know what I mean ), you are NOT going to get readers…period.

There you have it folks…the top 10 things you MUST know about how to write an article that people will read, enjoy and respond to. Hopefully, this article fits the bill nicely.


The Curious Curators Team

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