Seeking for third world country web portal advertising advice!

Hi Guys,

Before i talk about our digital marketing plan, allow me to explain about our country situation. In my country, People rarely use internet, they think **Facebook** is the internet. They don’t even know how to google and search video on youtube.

Our company is the online web-portal and we got (mobile tv-streaming app, dating app, business listing app and memes app) in local language. Right now our current strategy is each application got their own social media website(which is Facebook) to drive our traffic.

Social media & digital marketing team got only two people. So, it’s very difficult to handle. We have to do all the design work, campaign planning, community management and so on.

Then our General Manager decided to keep only one Facebook page and have multiple contents for applications in it. I know it will reduce our workload but I just want to know are there advertising options for us to do? How can i separate the content planning for each website.

Our current main objective is to drive traffic to all application. That’s it.

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